A printer-friendly version of genderbread person 1. Formatted to be printed on U.S. tabloid size paper (11″x17″), but high enough quality to be scaled significantly larger.

About this version

Originally published here by Sam Killermann, with the description “It’s been around in some form for many years, and this is my whack at making an inclusive, adorable, easy to understand depiction.”

Limitations of this version

Spectrum vs. Continua. This version relies on a spectrum model of understanding gender, placing two aspects of identity on opposite ends of one scale. This pushes one to (1) see themselves as somewhere within those two aspects; (2) see them as opposing ideas; and (3) if they embody both, to see themselves as in between them, instead of as a lot of both, or a little of both. This issue is cleared up with version 2, which introduced the “-ness” concept.

Labels. The language describing the different points of the spectrums erases folks who don’t identify with any of the concepts presented (e.g., someone who isn’t bisexual, but asexual). Also, it reinforces an unhelpful oversimplification that the middle term exists directly between the two at the end (e.g., that “genderqueer” is a term for someone “between woman and man”).