A printer-friendly version of genderbread person 2.1. Formatted to be printed on U.S. tabloid size paper (11″x17″), but high enough quality to be scaled significantly larger.

New in version 2

Sam Killermann’s Genderbread Person version 2 introduced the “-ness” concept, moving away from a continuum with two “opposite” aspects of identity, into separate continua with a way of seeing how much one embodies each individual aspect. More about this here.

Limitations of version 2

Labels. The language on the left side of each continue, struggling to be both layperson accessible and accurate, conflated colloquial usages of terms with literal meanings (e.g., “asex,” literally meaning “a lack of sex”, is easily confused with “asexual,” a sexual orientation label). This issue is cleared up with version 3, which moves away from terms for the left side of each continue.